Logistics Intermodal Services – Just LIS

LIS has access to barge, rail and truck capacity, and has a strong focus on containerised inland transport.

LIS’ main objective is to build intermodal products, for multiple logistics service providers, cooperating and competing with each other on the same inland product.

LIS combines the strengths and volumes of two or more intermodal logistics service providers. Therefore the inland product take’s off with scale, frequency, low costs and shared risks. This would never be achieved by a single logistic service provider building the same product singlehandedly.

LIS builds and manages the product, scale, frequency, capacity and quality. Each of the logistics service providers is responsible for the utilisation of its own slot on the network.

LIS is therefore uniquely positioned to expand the inland network for ports and terminals by facilitating the collaboration between multiple inland logistics service providers in an independent and objective way.